Ландшафтный дизайн частного дома. Высокое качество услуг в области

Private House Design Photos

If the project is self-designed, a photograph of the site is attached to the house and a microrelier of the area is carefully drawn. Minimizing the cost of redesigning the site, it is desirable that minimum work be done. However, some of the existing structures or landings remain in place or are being moved to a new location, fitting into landscape design.

Ландшафтный дизайн загородного дома фото

If additional labour is planned to be used to transform the site and the house, specific goals and targets are to be presented to each of the professionals. Where necessary, the contractor ' s representative shall be provided with diagrams and photos and videos of the customer ' s wish to see his property after the completion of the work. The more precise the planned outputs are delivered, the less adjustments will have to be made at the final stage.

Implementation of the design project

During the implementation phase in the pre-urban area, activities planned for the project are being implemented in practice. Preliminary marks indicate that trees are planted and clums are broken, artificial water bodies, alleys and conversations are being created. Several ideas from the work of professional designers can be realized at one site.

Advanced communication in the suburban area includes lighting sources, the site is shown in the type in which they can normally be seen in professional photos. Landscape design can be converted by hundreds of video projects that have been tested over time.

Depending on the size of the plot in front of the house, one of the three options for peri-urban landscape design is allowed. The first is oriented towards the rounded-up of the site and allows for practically any idea. It would be the best option for a country house with a large contiguous territory.

Less efforts require a plot with the boundaries forming a rectangle. It is simply divided into several zones, each with several different approaches. Landscape design implies a smooth transition of one zone to another with well-defined boundaries.