узкого двора частного дома фото

Private House Design Light

Do you have a small plot to build a house under the key? No problem! In such cases, we have prepared a large set of projects with narrow facades that can be used for the most instant cases. Competitive private houses and large-square houses with or without one or two cars, single-sized and manslaughtered houses for narrow sections of a variety of designs. Look at the plans of the narrow houses, and you'll make sure they're as comfortable, functional and beautiful as the houses of standard forms.

Construction of projects for small areas: special features

Long-distance housing schemes have a number of individual features:

  • One and its walls have no windows so that the house can be as close as possible to the land boundary;
  • The longitudinal walls are attempting to accommodate economic and technical premises, while the living rooms and bedrooms can be located in the torch areas of the house with good lighting.

In our catalogue, you will be able to find authoritative and model architectural projects in this category of houses (schematic projects, drawings, videos can be viewed on the website), where both long walls do not have windows, and the living rooms are well covered.

Houses for narrow areas (foto, sketches are located in this section) in some cases involve planning where the entrance to the house can be both side-by-side and front-line, which makes it easier to accommodate the house at the site narrowly not only in depth but also in width.

In order to make optimal use of the long territory, the best solution would be to " squeeze " the house to the boundary of the site, which falls under the shadows, maximizing the area before the house. If the site goes on a noisy road, the building tries to be located in the depth of the section, closes. Private home from expensive green saturation. In this case, it is likely that the garage would be more comfortable to accommodate the frontier of the site so that it does not take up most of the territory.

The design of houses for narrow areas, the installation of additional buildings and the installation of all engineering systems (seater, boreholes, septics, ground lighting) need to be premeditated to ensure that they are well operated. The relocation during construction would increase the cost estimates.

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