Тротуарная плитка 25 фото. Виды укладки тротуарной плитки и брусчатки

Private House Design

The attractive access path, the garden and the cottage indicate the high status of the owner. Aesthetic can be achieved with a decorative cable. Rokk offers quartzland products from the producer who completely transmit the texture of the natural relic tree. The price of our products from the manufacturer is attractive to buyers. The stove form can be made for each project, so you can be sure that your landscape is not redesigned. Our factory is located in Krasnodar, and our delivery is all over the south of Russia. You can buy a complete set of Rokk products for landscape design from the producer at the best price.

What are we making a trotuary plug?

In order for the private house to serve you for years without altering our physical properties and appearance, we are used to produce a super-high-proof UHPC.

  • Because of the unique freeze capacity, the cable plate after storage serves up to 600 cycles. The laying is mainly on concrete basis.
  • The watertightness of the Rokk stove reaches W20, water absorption is only 0.3 per cent.
  • Our sidewalk (e.g. concrete) is extremely long, it belongs to the strength class M1000, and its venom is not more than 0, 2 g/sm2.
  • Toncodispersive components (White Cement M600, quartz sand, granite, carbon fibrium, etc) provide an ideally flat surface.
  • The colouring of quartzgrinite is carried out by green painters, mineral origin, by special technology, which protects the surface from mechanical effects.

Tituar stove with tree simulation, stone, stones

The surface of the stove and the braces are being processed by modern technology, seeking the effect of absolute similarity to the actual and texture of the natural tree, brick, ceramic, stone or concrete. Rokk's trotuary stove looks great both in sunlight and night street light.

private house There will be unique paths, not different from wood or stone. In addition, the trotuary plate(s) is longer and shorter than the items listed. The pavement may be located in any climatic zone, mainly on concrete base.

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