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Private House Designs

ДизайнCottage, handing, a small garden house or a huge taunhouse, they all have great advantages over a regular apartment. I mean, it's just here that you can get together with a big family, discuss all the business and get a full rest. In addition, the design of the private house interface can always be designed so that each family will have a place where it will be truly comfortable and cozy.

Special features of private house interior design

For Interior of private homes Viktorian, Dutch, “cantri”, “provans”, “ampir”, “minimism”, “loft” are the most common uses. You can both put the whole house in one subject and decorate every room differently. For example, it would be nice to look like a bedroom in Provans, a cantri kitchen in Dutch style, and a cozy mansard in Loft. The case remains for your fantasy.

Furniture, textiles and accessories shall be consistent with the style chosen. For example, a fine bed in the Prevans bedroom will have a laden element; furniture in the " minimalist " living room will be deprived of any decor, and the curtains in the cantri-based kitchen will be with a sketch in the cage.

In selecting colour, use not only your preferences, but also the use of premises:

  • For the kitchen, choose red, yellow, theractotic;
  • Blue, green, pink, refugee for sleeping;
  • For baths, black, gold, red, blue, blue, purple can be selected;
  • For Cabinets, good choices will be blue, theractotic, refugee, sand, white, green;
  • Orange, pink, blue, salad;
  • For guests, the most common choices are red, black, blue, blue, refugee, green.

The choice of the lighting option also influences the use of the space. Okay, for the bathtub, you need to choose the maximum lighting. It's best if his source is hidden from the eye. The same applies to the living room. There's a light source to hide. ♪ ♪

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