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The ratzo is the first to see the guests, it can be considered a home card. It's not only about the house, but also the owner. And the more careful and attractive it looks, the better.

Sculptures, flowers, columns, slash plates are often used for decorative purposes. But it needs to be taken into account. Let's say, for a simple wooden house, there's not gonna be a great stone wing, and on the contrary, for a huge brick building, a little wing from a tree would look ridiculous.

The main components are:

  • Students;
  • Peryl;
  • Kozyrek;
  • Area.

кирпичное крыльцоVegetable wing

There are many kinds of wings. They differ by size, material from which they are made, additional elements and functionality.

Let's start looking at the usual. wooden wing♪ It'll fit for a small house or a dacha. Make it easier.

Kyrpical wing It'll look organic around the brick house.крыльцо с колоннами However, with the right decoration, it is also possible to do so for a wooden house and buildings scattered by other materials.

Column ring It doesn't go far for every house. First of all, because it's not easy to fit into a general design. Second, not many stylish materials are combined with columns. Columns will fit well into a brick or stone building.

застекленное крыльцо

The stacked porch is particularly relevant to the cold climate. Designing it is harder than usual, but in its functionality, it exceeds the main species.

Cloth design

Before proceeding directly to the construction, at least the entire construction plan must be in the head. But it's better to put it on paper and count all the dimensions, pay attention to all the nuances.

It is important for the project to provide:

  • Location of adjacent parts (doors, tracks);
  • Building materials;
  • Tools;

An example of the project is presented in the drawing. This wing consists of:

  1. support;
  2. Steps;
  3. sponsor;
  4. Coloured side;
  5. I don't know.

The door shall normally be placed at one level with the 1st floor of the house, but the front door reserve shall be taken into account and shall be not less than 5 cm from the front door (as the fire safety equipment requires the entrance door to open outside).

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