дизайн дворовой территории частного дома своими руками

A Private House Yard With His Hands

Фото 1 - Королевский парк цветов Кёкенхофф, НидерландыThe greening and improvement of the territories in the big city is a necessity. Asphalt, concrete, glass and metal is a non-natural environment for humans, all of it gives him day-to-day. There must be natural islands where clean air can be freely inhaled (as it is possible) and stress-free and force-building.

Just as private house greening works, public areas (such as parks, squares, etc.) that are performed by contractors require a project. After photographs of the Territory have been photographed, buildings and saturation have been invented, soil composition and other indicators have been clarified, and plant selection has been agreed, design is being carried out and the following documents have been compiled:

  • Agreement on the Greening of the Territory;
  • TK and Explanatory Note;
  • Master Plan;
  • Dedroplan, accompanied by a detailed statement of planned plants;
  • Breaking and landing drawings, communication networks, etc.;
  • Estimates for all work and materials, etc.


Existing regulations and rules state that the greening of the home area of a multi-family home is the responsibility of the engineering staff of the housing service organizations. However, a group of tenants may hire a side-by-side organization to upgrade and consolidate the palace areas that are their common property. Accordingly, greening works are financed from the owner ' s pocket, i.e., tenants.


Urban land is administered by municipalities and financed from the local budget. Like the greening of enterprises and enterprises private homeswork in urban areas is carried out in accordance with various regulations of local authorities, as well as the Rules and Regulations. The latter shall establish a permissible distance between tree guns and communication, buildings, roads; determine the regulatory percentage of greening relative to the total area of construction, etc.

Urban squares and parks often contain green elements such as paintings, shaped handicrafts, carcass green sculptures.

Фото 2 - Классический пример лаконичного современного озеленения территорий многоквартирных домов, ЖК Бородино, г. Запорожье Фото 3 - Зеленые скульптуры, ботанический сад, Монреаль, 2013-й год