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Private House Design With His Hands

_DSC7033.jpgAt the end of May 2013, I travelled to the gardens of Europe, visiting Chelsea's flower show with a group of colleagues and interested people. Spring in Europe last year was abnormally cold, almost like we do now. In the course of our journey, it rained, but he didn't stop us from taking a lot of pictures that I can't figure out yet. And the gardens we visited were very non-trivial and not well-known in broad circles. In Luxembourg, thanks to a local resident, we were happy to see private gardeners of ordinary amateur gardeners. Of course, after a while, the details were erased from memory, I don't remember, for example, the names of the owners, but I remember, I'll tell you, and I'll show you the most.
Sad 1
First owners private gardenthe one we visited that day is the old same-sex couple. Two men. Yet one of the men, as is often the case with the spouses, is simply humiliating a second, of course helping if the other asks, but with a heavy breath and a guilty smile.
It's the second real plantagonist-collectioner. There's hardly any special designs in this garden, but Latin botanical bricks hang almost everywhere.
_DSC7042.jpg It was indeed a pepper - not a chili - the one from which the pepper comes from, in this case, pink or the like of the Brazilian (schinus terebinthifolius).
The roadside was succulent-sized, and the other side of the house had planted pots with predatory plants like saraces.
While we were walking around in a small garden, the master drew our attention to one thing, the other sweetest of his heart was a plant, and he also complained that he was old, and he doesn't know who gets all his wealth. "Of course, our local municipality wants to keep all of this and even send some girls to help them get out, "and so they can learn, but if they understand something," he's down.
There were interesting things in the garden, sculptures, but they were all part of the garden collection.

Sad 2
While we were walking around in the first garden, the rain was just creaming and recurrently cleared, but by the time we arrived in the second garden, the rain had stopped joking with us. However, it even squeezed the garden with a special scar, a drop on the leaves of the plants running around in the dark water of the pond, wet granule sculptures, with the nose of water.
The owners of the garden are married couples (currently ordinary), have been involved in horticulture by raising children._DSC7083.jpg They didn't need any more extensive lawn for child games and they started filling the space of plants. At first, as everyone buys everything in a row, it is clearer that the choice of plants for the climate of Luxembourg is much wider than for the inhabitants of Pomposkova, North-West or Finland, so the ballase is even more complicated. But in time, the sandtrot became annoying, and the fashion came to the New Wave. Spouses broke into Pete Udolph's work, became his bright fans and tried to bring Pete's ideas into their garden. Of course, it's hard for a simple gardener to keep away from putting a separate plant above the designer idea, and it's hard to break up with old plantings. But we're gonna call it a "new wave with a human face" conditional, cozy, homey and nice in our details.
As for my personal preferences, of all three of these gardens, of course I liked more than others.
Please note that the paths in this garden of solid surfaces only in the area of the house - between the landings, they are either grassy or cheek.

_DSC7091.jpg _DSC7078.jpg _DSC7077.jpg _DSC7069.jpg

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