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Disin Cottage Interior Photo

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In the past, there were times when the countryside houses and daisies were inaccurate buildings with a simple internal separation. The garden, the garden, the spartan situation in the house and the warehouse of old things that were taken out of the city apartment, it was the countryside home a few decades ago. Today the situation has changed completely. Today ' s inhabitants seek comfort everywhere, both in the city and in the village.

Therefore, there is an increasing number of applicants for the establishment of a long ceiling in the countryside. The use of this practical and beautiful separation material helps to create an ideal ceiling that remains smooth and clean in all circumstances. With such universal secession, all the room will be hidden and cozy: kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, mansard and even veranda.

Because of the unique properties of this separatist material, as well as the large choice of flowers and factures, designers are able to create real masterpieces. The ceiling may be not only a single, complete, but also a flower, multi-level transition. The ceiling figure repeats the shape of the furniture, and the colours are aligned with a wall or floor.

It's very efficient and original looking at the hard ceilings with the photos. They're perfect for rooms like a bedroom, a living room, a bathroom. In our company, we can buy half-sized pictures, ranging from philosophical paintings in Chinese or Japanese style to bright and vegetating pictures of marine topics.

Why should we get the pit ceilings in the cottage?

Of whatever material your country house is built, be it a stone, a brick or a wooden brushe, the best way to separate it will be a heavy ceiling. The designs are easy to mount and look very well in virtually every room.