Отделка бани внутри (49 фото): создаем уютную зону релакса

Disein Interior Of The Bath

Gallery of bathing facilities under the key, photographs, building video from Bankova. ♪ ♪

The exclusive baths underneath the key are defined as correct accents and harmony. The design and construction of a classic bath involves the availability of natural rough wood, charcoal products and manual accessories. Recent trends, however, lead designer baths to the pole. It's a big fantasy.

The internal disposal of the premises involves the separation of furniture and accessories in one style. Okay, the design of the baths inside that you can see in our catalogue may include wooden furniture with a cut. An interesting idea is furniture, lighters and walls themselves; old; type. Originally, there's a rounded ceiling. In order to save space in Bunkowski's vault, the corners and shops are recommended.

The recreation room (preventor) may be decorated by a variety of textiles of good quality to make the atmosphere cozy. The original design of the Russian bath can be presented as a mixing of several styles. For example, a pre-banker can use modern furniture (single cut chairs on curves) and walls in loft style (simulating a semi-destructive brick). It looks pretty effective and fashionable.

If you're in the spirit of minimism, we can offer a long-standing concept. I mean, apart from the chairs, the lights and the practical accessories, there's nothing else going to happen. The whole atmosphere of such a bath will be built for relaxing.

The interior is always decorated. Those who love manual work can paint walls with veins, lapts and windows; inhaled curtains. Vitage; an idea that will bring; a surprise. There's turkeys and statues that can be put on halfways in the predator. The vintage products scrutinize the taste of the hosts.

In an exclusive bath, it's not only warm, it's aromatic. First, a pleasant smell drains natural wood. Second, the aromodysine can create the most relaxing environment. Aroomas (equalipt, pychta, pine, etc.) are exposed to treatment. In a steam, it smells like a berena or arc. Centers of unique things will be pleased with bamboo veins. We offer our clients an integrated approach to build a stylish bathy interface. We take into account the ideas of clients and the type of room where the steam is planned. All our projects are based on a combination of modern comfort with national traditions.

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