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Колодец в этом сельском саду находится над уровнем земли, поэтому его глубина небольшая. Наполняется он водой из-под крана.The wells have been a special place in people's lives since. Even the day-to-day water raid was often an event, usually near the source, the people exchanged fresh news. The key wells used to be depths of several metres and reached groundwater levels. The precious water was raised upstairs with a bucket. The well in this garden is above ground, so its depth is small. It's filled with water from under the crane.

Средиземноморский стиль в саду создает восьмиугольный фонтан с колонной.

These days, wells have not only lost their significance, but have also become a mandatory element of many gardens. For example, in village style gardens Water wells for economic needs perform utilitarian functions as well as decorating the site. In gardens and gardens, columns with a hand pump can increasingly be seen, and water tanks can be harvested under water drains. The natural source can replace the plumbing - the crane is good to build, for example, into a whistle fountain. Even if the water source is not used for economic needs, it'll still steal your garden and be happy with the fast tracks.

The idea of using decorative fountains is not new. She's been known since antique times. But the most impressive fountains and luxury decorational water bodies have emerged in the age of renessance and barocco. If you decided to set a fountain in the garden, Choose a place, open eyes from different corners of the site and located near the rest area. Remember, the fountain should not interfere with the construction or operation of economic structures. It should not be placed in the vicinity of fruit trees that do not like excess moisture.

It's like he's inspiring thoughts and dreams of rest and stealing the yard. But this model will need a lot of space.

Источник с чашей из бревна недолговечен, зато чудесно вписывается в сад природного стиля. 3. Из декоративной головы рыбы струйкой бежит вода. 4. Дождевая вода стекает по водостоку в емкость. Слева: Вода в декоративных фонтанах непрерывно циркулирует по кругу. Справа: Не придется ходить за водой к дому, если пробурить скважину и установить вот такую водяную колонку прямо в саду. Слева: В испанских винодельческих усадьбах часто можно увидеть такие декоративные пристенные фонтаны, украшенные яркими изразцами. Слева: Этот пристенный фонтан из чугуна со встроенной системой циркуляции воды создан в венском стиле.

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