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Private House Layout

It's summer time at the suburbs. It's rest time. Using low-cost tools and materials, conventional day-to-day juices can be converted into a fabulous garden, a buoy or an elegant park with a shining fountain, gentle statues and mosaic paths. It's nice to have a late evening rest with the family on the beach of the painting pond, and the neighbors don't think they'll be able to get a pretty face. private housepainted by man-made decorations.

Colour symphony: unusual bulbs and flowers

The simplest way to make your palace cozy is to break up a few flowers on different sides so that they form a bright composer. To organize a few brodure or domicile groups, there's no need for fantasy and skill, and every new starter's luck. We'd better look at some of the original options that can truly be described as masters of decorative art.
One of the luxury options is a flower car. It is based on an unnecessary technology miracle, a small old car, a motorcycle or a bicycle. Horizontal surfaces and partly vertical surfaces are covered by a grid filled with nutrient soil. To make the carpet fun and to remind the flower polka, use low brodure flowers or rising plants.
In a big flower bouquet, you can turn a home of day, stealing a lot of cough with bright colors. For the walls to be filled, any unsuccessful adventing plant, such as a racing, which requires only a small amount of ground and regular tidal.

_komnatnye-rasteniya-liany.jpg (117.94 CB) 500 searches of the same plants can be used to make conversations where the whole family will enjoy rest. w1.jpg (53.42 CB) 500 viewpoints of the Original and Economy Decision - mini-clumba from old shoes or domestic ducks. As a flower pot, a couple of child rubber boots, a broken tower, a broken pitch or a wooden cad. Usual objects get a second life and continue to welcome us, but they're already in the flower rim. dekor-dlya-sada-9.jpg (58.67 CB) 500 viewpoints of the figurous cut-off