Как создать ландшафтный дизайн двора частного дома? - Как создать

Private House Colouring

Клумба на даче своими рукамиDo you remember the legendary phrase of the head of the Soviet bestseller "Brillian Hand"?

" Our palaces are not planned for walks but for aesthetics. "

I always remember that movie phrase when I'm going to the spring to get the colors. Just as selfless as the sausage manager in the performance of Nona Mordukova, every owner guards his clumbing against foreign invasions.Цветник On the precincts, we break up the flower for estetic pleasure in order to be happy for each new bouton, enjoy the aromat, watch the red " plates " work.

And do you know that literate clumbing is an important component of art? landscape design? The flower may not be just a painting corner of your dacha, but also a link between the structures and the planted sites. With the help of the cloam, the garden and the house can be visually combined into a single harmonious picture of the garden, thus creating a climate of cohabitation. I think it's too much to say that the flower composition is the best decoration of the daisy in the summer.

We use the words “Clumba” and “colour” I'll say it's a little different.Цветник на даче The essence does not change, but the day ' s bulbs usually have the right geometric form - rectangular or oval. Other options are also possible, but strict geometry is always observed.

But the design of a flower can be completely any configuration, even a imaginary form. In the form of a silo of an animal, it's an ornament. It's free, it's kind of a natural clumba that doesn't matter any design laws. Just fantasy, just a bright palette of paint.

КлумбаDisein Clumb and their variety

Before we break the flower blooms on the day, we need to carefully consider how they fit into the general design of the site, whether they will be in line with the style. There are many varieties of clumb, and every species is interesting. For example, a flower brodure is called a narrow flower or a number of plants planted along the road. It's the best place to look at the low flowers that make compact bites.

A rectangular flower is called a rash. It can land plants of the same height or create multi-layer effects. And there's a very beautiful little pond inside the frame. It's a very original decision for simplicity.

Оригинальная клумба Клумба Рабатка Дизайнерское оформление клумб