Коричневый цвет в дизайне интерьера

A Private House Interior

Обилие света делает кухню более просторной и теплойDisputes about who's lucky more, private house owners or apartments, can last indefinitely. However, with the fact that entering the apartment, you have to deal with the planning already in place, or if you don't want to change it a little, if you want it to. Whether it is a matter of moving to a private or, moreover, its own establishment. Everything here can be conceived and translated into reality. It's particularly important that when it comes to laying a kitchen in a private house, it's about a comfortable and beautiful kitchen space that every owner wants.


Interpreter privately owned kitchens:

The renovation of the kitchen in the private house should begin with the selection of the style in which it will be formed. Most often, in designing a kitchen design in the countryside, they use styles such as country, , bungalow, wire, Russian, eco, kitch. If the house is on the coast of the sea, it's popular.

Красивая мебель и ее практичное расположение - формула гармоничного интерьера кухни

In terms of technology, minimalism and other modernity, they are treated much less than in the form of apartments.

As the situation in the countryside is closer to nature, the use of natural materials, such as trees, rotans, stones, stones and ceramics, is welcomed, all of which are used extensively in the processing of kitchens in the countryside and private houses.

The same applies to the decor: the space can be painted with suspended dry-coloured bundles, garlic, napkins, handbags, and natural-material rollers (lna, cotton) of bright colours, gly pots and plates.

Let's talk about size and shape.

Стиль кантри будет очень уместен на кухне частного домаUnlike the standard apartment where the kitchen is most likely to be a small rectangular room, in the private house, this room may be in shape and space.

Little kitchen stretched or squared

If the kitchen in the private house has a small square, special attention should be paid to the choice of furniture and equipment and their location.

This is the same as the selection. It's better to give the bright tone of the warm palettes, they'll be able to expand the room visually.

It is also possible to apply the glacial surfaces which, through reflections and publications, will be able to increase the kitchen visually. It's the same thing with ceilings to create the impression of a more simplicity room, and it's better to choose a glower room.

Кухня по своему проекту доставит максимум удовольствия Выберите самый близкий для Вас стиль и воплотите его в реальность Отличное сочетание натурального дерева и правильно подобранного освещения Аккуратно добавьте грубое необработанное дерево, массивный деревянный стол - и Ваша кухня станет намного ближе к природе