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Briefing by the Chief of the Construction and FCC Department

As part of the public information work on the activities of the executive branch, which is being carried out on behalf of the Governor, Alexei Ostrovsky, the Chief of the Department of Construction and Housing, Elena Skolov, briefed the media.


In the Smole region, 630,000 square metres of housing stock were introduced in 2016, an increase of almost 23 per cent over the previous year. Some 7, 8,000 apartments are operational. As a result of this work, our region ranked 4th in the country to increase the rate of housing construction.

" A video-resident meeting has recently been held in Minstro with representatives of the Central Federal District, during which it has been noted that the Smolenchka is still showing an increase in housing construction. As a result of the first quarter, 112,000 square metres of housing were commissioned. Compared to the previous year, this figure rose by 16 per cent, and we are not forecast to decline. In addition to us, this can only be praised by the Kaluz and Tver region.” Helen Sokolov noted.

With regard to the construction of social facilities, the head of the Department reported that by the end of the current year, 3 kindergartens would be operational in the field: in Roslavlav (for 240 seats), Smolenske and Vjazim (both for 150 places). So far, the gardens in Roslav and Smolenske are in the process of being transferred from State ownership to the municipal and the pre-school establishment in Viasum is being built.

With regard to physical and recreational facilities, three facilities will open their doors for healthy lifestyle supporters this year, in Novodugino, Roslav and Dorogobuje.

During the briefing, the Chief of the Department also reported on the construction of high-pressure gas pipelines: " In view of the extremely tense regional budget, the cost of this direction has not been reduced by Governor Alexei Vladimirich Ostrov. This year there are 143 million roubles for construction of gas pipelines, 32 million roubles for the development of project documents. More than 140 kilometres of gas networks are planned for all programmes. "


Priority projects, such as " Making a comfortable urban environment " programmes, have been given high priority in the area of housing and utilities.

This year, in 7 major municipalities, Smolenske, Dorogobuje, Vazyme, Gagarina, Roslavla, Safonov and Yarsev, it will benefit 84 courtyards and 12 mass citizen visits.