Хвойники в ландшафтном дизайне: фото, названия, уход | DomoKed.ru

Private House Soft Design

Скульптура медведяThe marshmallows are perfectly combined with all the construction materials, artificial and natural:

Sadovo parks

The variety of shapes of carcasses of soft trees and species of handicrafts enables the creation of original garden-park composites, where natural and artificial elements of landscape decor can be used. The sculpture, a small water, stone greys, or a huge old foot against the back of eternal green trees and handicrafts will create an original park ensemble and underline the nature of the natural pepper.

It is very effective to see composites from a voluminous dark stone against the back of fragile trees, such as kiparisomics or clouds:


A mini-park in English or French styles can be created by the use of soft plants on a small landscape. To this end, it is important to create different geometric forms of plant that are harmoniously combined in the landscape. Charotic form of handicrafts, combined with conical or colonial forms of kiparis or tui landscape design create an atmosphere of English or French parks:

It will be very original to look at the flower handicrafts with eternal green landings, which will help preserve the attractiveness of the plot in different seasons, even when the prosperity and leaves fall:

Forests in miniatures, where swallows are well managed with plants of other species, are another unusual method of landscape design. In this case, eternal plants are better planted with cowards, worn with light and dark shades of haw, rounded and pyramidal crowns. It will highlight the very rhythm of design:

The tall fist trees (el, leaflet, cedre) with a sliced crown create a good shadow. So if the site has a small area, plant them better at the fences:

Мни-лес Желтые кресла Белая дорожка Шарообразная крона на фоне воды

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