Современные частные дома: асимметричный австралийский особняк с

Disein Of Private House Inner Palace

Modern construction and engineering technologies have helped to adapt a house designed in accordance with ancient Hindu architectural tradition to European habitats.

Photo: Leonas Garbachauscas

Our heroes, a mature couple, have sought professional assistance from the Egle Prunsky and Eve Prunskyite architects, already with a clear picture of their future, permanent residence. (We will note that the concept of the facility has been influenced by the nature of the activity, fascination and way of life of customers, professional artists, as well as professors of the Vilnius Arts Academy).

A single-stage construction should have been designed on the basis of the Hindu construction concept, " Purush Mandal " , which is based on the " hard copy of an orderly world " . The proportions of the premises according to this concept are not important because it is not a direct guide to action, but rather a scheme that provides both customers and specialists with certain freedom.

Black space is included in the residential area, and a number of elements of the stroil system (banks and delays) are left open, which visually corrects the proportion of premises

The general lighting in the house is being carried out by twisted sophides attached to wooden stalls. Local lighting is provided for the main areas. In the living room, it's a torch, in the dining room, in the suspension, in the library, the east phonore.

Furniture of laconium shape and materials with smooth or wretched decomposition creates an optimal background for antique furniture

On the floor, there is a ceramomit on the general access premises, and in the private half (small, library and even workshop) a single-semi-propelled park board is used