Дизайн веранды загородного дома | Красивый интерьер на фото

Priest In Private House Photos

A variety of textiles can often be seen in pictures of beautiful veranda to the house. That simplicity veranda with blue curtains looks happy and welcome.

Interior, Ella Schumski ' s project is a participant in the Best Textile Interrier.

Beautiful. private Houses are the success of the designer and the pride of the owners, because it often begins to meet the guests with the room. Disayner Ella Shumsky dressed this romand with benches on the perimeter, so the warm spring night of the table can be moved here. The bright blue curtains, as a symbol of the house, are especially pleasant at the back of the white brick of the walls: the slight hint of the loft is balancing some patriarchal fiction of the textile decor and giving the impression of a harmonious interrier. Interestingly, the cafeteria design. The glazing surface of the massive table and the stunning lipstick of chairs are harmonized with light gold curtains covering huge windows in the floor, in fact glass walls. All colours and denominations in this room support and complement each other.

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