Частный дом дизайн маленького дворика частного дома фото

A Little Private House Palace Photo

Итальянский садIf you're very shy in the square, but you want to feel like you're at the resort, the Italian garden is your best way out.

Holly and John, entering their new home last year, didn't realize how much they'd love in the garden after a lifetime in megapolis. But it turns out that their house has a very modest area, and it's quite difficult to build. And yet, after long studies, they stopped at the Italian style, which is the most appropriate to limited spaces. It's in his miniature and poetry that resembles Milan, Venice and home wine. Let's see how they did it?

Итальянский садIf you want to repeat this experiment, you need to know that without vengeance, you can't create a little European garden. While most often the stove is the largest part of the patio or terrace in the house, it's the most efficient.

A great palace surrounded by a big green, in the middle of which there's a nice, decorated dining room, that's what Italy does. Or your luck is Italian.

To truly surround the patio of green at all levels, there was an interesting idea of coughing with plants on the fence.Итальянский сад So you can create not only a full vertical greening, but also a decoration of decoration or coloured plants. Like chess.

It's a very effective reception. landscape design is pergola. She makes the garden more buoyant, elegant, European. Instead of a small design, a whole tunnel was built with iron carcass, but the cost of installation fully justified itself as a tipping result.

The carcasal tunnel has not been confined at all, and underneath you see many plants, both maid and planted directly into the ground.Итальянский сад Some of them are specially sharpened, others are buyno growing and creating a tropical garden atmosphere. Besides, there's a bench on which it's very convenient to rest in the shadows.

We can learn from this. If you've begun to organize some sort of space on the way to hell or part of the precinct, you're gonna have to put all your powers in it and don't throw any other ideas until you do this. I mean, you could just put a carcass down, plant all the plants and lay a path. But with due diligence and additional elements, such as a hung-up French breeze, this place became literally magical.

The palace in this house looks like a garden in the estate. As you can see from the top, on the left, the entrance to the precinct, on the right, the entrance to the house, but before you go in, you can turn left or right, deep into paradise.

Итальянский сад Итальянский сад Итальянский сад Итальянский сад

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