в частном доме сделать бассейн

A Little Private House Palace With His Hands

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The artist paints paints paints and flowers. The long section is as large and can create a beautiful picture by expressing its feelings, its internal world. When it rained in the spring, thousands of daunters were going to their fields.

Practically every day there is a " shower " angle where a flower is arranged. How do you put it right? How are the flowers to drop? How can you steal it? These and many other questions are attended by gifts ready to become landscape designers And stealing your courtyard as a great servant.

Choose design.

The color and the clumba are very close. Clumba is called an " cultural flower " because it has the right geometric form, fenced by a brodure.

The flower is called a " stichium clumbia " because its design is not subject to any rules, but offers every opportunity for fantasy.

Generic planning

How can they be placed on the frontier? The location of the cloam or flower needs to be planned on the basis of the type of all the building sites located, the division into the different functional areas.

There are two ways of including the cloam in the general ensemble:

  • A combination of style with the general design of the day area;
  • A sharp contrast, deliberately artificial element of the general decor.

It's important to know! You don't have to think that making a flower starts early spring. Preparations for this should take place during the winter period.

By the time the clumbing was established, it was already necessary to make a clear picture of what it should look like (with the whole spring-and-earth period) when and what colours would drip when they had to be dropped. In addition, work on soil preparation, fertilizer application and plant care needs to be planned in detail for the whole year.

Clumb variety

There may be more than one, but a few layers of different style and meaning. Under the " gold section " rule, the ratio between their sizes should be 3:5:8. There are several types of clumbing:

The choice of any kind of clumbing depends on the location assigned to it. Bordeuri, vazone or solitaire are used directly near the house. The wall of the building looks beautifully vertical.

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