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A Private House Palace With His Hands

Sam Crawford Architects has rebuilt the seiding cottage and expanded it for the opportunity, not leaving the house, to love a huge Australian banana in the backyard.

The deliberate negligence in the execution of housing projects by the Sam Crawford team makes them more stylish and elegant. The main office in Sydney, Sam Crawford Architects, does not waste any effort on unnecessary decorations, their main feature is the concern for customer comfort. The living house should not be a screaming architectural brush; much more importantly, it should be a well-designed place of daily life, such as the recently completed house-building project in the seated area of Bronte.

The team's got a humble cottage, a seed siding, a typical house in the coastal suburb. Clients are Neil Shepard and Emma Wilson, at first glance, sounded quite ambitious: they wanted to get an attachment to the main house, which would contain two children ' s bedrooms, at least one guest room, an office, and a simple related guest room and a children ' s play room.

Since clients had no prejudice to the expected construction, Sam ' s hands had been completely untouched for the most insane ideas; however, he had clearly represented the only possible solution. " The majority of customers prefer that the strap be reconciled with the existing construction, but this time it was clearly not our case. Clients ' wishes clearly indicated that the new design would not be proportional to the size of the original building, but that all the customers wanted was said. " " That is why we've come up with something very special, and we've tried to set up as far away from the street as possible. "

This cottage is part of the Weaverly Council ' s Urban Heritage Area, and although the new two-stage structure is in line with the prescribed height restrictions, it is still somewhat out of scale. This range of proportions is converging by a huge Australian banana growing in the west and a subtle neighbour house in the south. This ensures that the construction will not seem inappropriate and fit into a furiously mixed suburban context.