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A Private House Roman With His Hands

The veranda attached to the house is usually built from the materials made up of the house. Others may be used, but they must be approached by style to the main structure. It's better to do poles. The building structure shall be located close to the house. The inside should not be precipitation. It's best that the roof makes one-stop. Many windows (foot No. 1) are needed to provide light in the room. Quite often attached to the house, the terrace and veranda are made with glass walls, which, if desired, the owners are moving.Для обеспечения света в помещении нужно предусмотреть много окон (фото № 1) For glazing, the following shall be used:

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Используемое зимой помещение оборудуется теплоизоляционными стеклопакетами, листами поликарбоната. Отапливать его можно камином (фото № 2) или нагревателями любого типаThe winter space is equipped with thermal insulation glazing, polycarbonate sheets. It may be a fireplace (foto No. 2) or heaters of any type. In summer, curtains or pests are placed on the windows, covering from sunlights. The use of the polycarbonate should take into account its advantages:

  • High strength;
  • Good detention of ultraviolet beams;
  • Low thermal conductivity;
  • High degree of plastic material;
  • Environmentality;
  • rich color gamma.

The veranda attached to the house begins with a carcass built on the right foundation. It consists of wooden bruises, metal profiles, construction bricks, blocks and other materials left after the construction of the main house. Before the closure of the polycarbonate, several rules for the installation of this transparent material should be remembered:

  • A wooden, plastic or metal bar is performed with 60 to 80 cm;
  • The cellular polycarbonate shall be placed with hundreds in a vertical position;
  • connecting sections shall be used to connect the sheets;
  • The top of the sheet is closed by a special profile;
  • The lower cut is closed with several openings;
  • Polycarbonate leaflets are fastened by thermoshaibs;
  • The sheet protective tape shall be removed after the polycarbonate is installed;
  • It cuts the leaf with an electric shock.

The rat is produced from bricks or wood, concrete or natural stone, metal or wheat. His coating must not be slippery, always clean. The size of the wing and its shape are varied. Any of his options will be suitable for the veranda and the terrace to the house: photo No. 3.

Размеры крыльца и его формы бывают разнообразными. Любые его варианты подойдут для веранды и террасы к дому (фото № 3) Терраса к дому или закрытая веранда увеличивают площадь в доме и преображают объект При оформлении интерьера нужно принимать во внимание ее расположение Лучше использовать брусья и доски из всем известной лиственницы (фото № 4). Доски обрабатываются антисептиками