ландшафтный дизайн двора частного дома своими руками » Улетный дизайн

A Private House Courtyard With His Hands

Ландшафтный дизайн двораUsing low-cost tools and materials, the normal gray yard is easily transformed into a fabulous garden with vegetation sparking fountains, greasy figures and mosaic paths. And on the beach of the vice pond, you can have a picnic of people close to you.

Non-standard clums and flowers in the yard

It's one of the simplest tools to build a landscape. design of a private courtyard at home. To this end, the flower must be broken so that they form a single, beautiful combination. Starting daunting can start with the organization of bright home or bordeur color groups.

With a lot of small cough with flowers, even the house itself can be turned into one big flower bouquet. For these purposes, singing will be excellent, and they need no special care in order to flourish.

Figur bushes and fences

The more experienced gifts sometimes don't even think about the possibilities of a landscape design of the courtyard, but they're just armed with a secator and, by showing a little fantasy, they're turning the usual bushes into art.
In general, the following types of handicraft are used for these purposes:

♪ A selfishness or noble rites would be perfect for any composing and pleasant for leaving. But it should be remembered that his branches are growing pretty fast, and the main haircut will have to be done every 5-6 months.

♪ In order to create a living garden, a great option would be a bulging worm or a brush, which is required only at a warm time of the year.

♪ It's easy to create the most difficult and unusual pieces, but it's gonna have to be cut very often.

Water, ponds, fountains as elements of the landscape design of the yard

During the summer, water bodies are the most attractive place. Besides beauty, they're also pretty functional. The splash of the fountain is irrigated by growing plants, and the pool will save you from a falling summer sun.
It is very easy to create a small waterfall, using the rest of the post-renovation plugs, shards of ceramics or ordinary stones from the shore of the river or the quarry.

Another work of art is a shining fountain, which fits in both the silence of the garden and the centre of the child ' s area. Its device will not require a lot of costs and special skills - all necessary can be bought at the store. The fountain device consists of only two phases: the construction of a water tank and the installation of a water spray system.

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