Красивый двор частного дома своими руками: как красиво украсить дачу

A Private House Palace Photo With His Hands

It's a story of setting up a small private house courtyard, and you'll see the design errors, and the bright interesting discovery that will help you build your own beautiful court with your hands. In the initial stage, since the court was open to all viewers, the main task was to create a private recreational zone.
The door was a small and best place for this, near the fence, where the wooden terrace was built and a high fence with the arc bar. But, as the practice has shown, with all the love for the tree, such a terrace has spectacularly reduced the space of the yard, and in the rainy weather has become slippery and uncomfortable for recreation.

A plan for a more comfortable and harmonious design of the site was therefore developed. In it, the urination of the site and the urination of the patio (in which our terrace has been transformed) has been in harmony with each other. The old fence was left in place, and he was doing great in the yard.
When the wooden terrace was dismantled, it was decided to leave a part of the wooden terrace over the fence. That was the long and convenient bench for friendly gardens and the unrealistic love for wooden elements in landscape design was satisfied.

It's a good design that unites the entire area into a whole. The link between the wooden fence of our patio and the rest of the yard was made with a light wooden grid for the emerging plants, under which a small flower was broken.
The beautiful urination of the site before entering the house creates the dynamics of the movement and the spectacular expansion of the narrow passage.

Having carefully constructed the farthest corners of your yard, you from the dark abandoned corners can get little, but real, landscape designs that can be seen and proud of every day.
In the back of the courtyard, a beautiful semi-crossed area of braces was made.

In the private house, we're putting air conditioners on the wall of the house, and we're getting used to his utilitarian technical view, and we don't think it's possible to put it in a uniform design with a decoration wooden bar.
By the way, not only is it decorative, it also protects the air conditioner from weather conditions and external damage.

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