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There's not much time left until the New Year. How do you have to prepare for the party?

I don't think one day Vita VOICAROV's little boy was wondering if he was looking at the windshields outside the window during his lesson, and he thought he'd ever be happy to buy Moscow galers for his collection. Today, this master has a big letter, a painter, an intern, Victor Mihailovich VOCHAROV, an anniversary, 65 years old!

On 29 October, a great holiday for our parents, grandparents, is being observed 96 years since the founding of the comesom. A little longer. Sharing with the older generation, reaping pride and respect by that time and, in part, this youth organization. There is no room today, but there are examples of veterans and a description of the great cases they have done. There is also a memory of the interesting active life of the comedians, full of bright impressions. A.A. ZURIN, a educator of the Ugly commodolia, told us about that time.

On 17 October, at the Children ' s Creativity House, the traditional XIV Creative readings " Gloucci and Huglicians in Russia ' s history " were held. The event brought together all those involved in the history of the native province, its past and present.

In the Red Hotel of the Uglysh Cream, a compendium of poems in Serbia and Serbia, written by the Russian Consul at the Serbian Palace, Stepan Ivanovich CAHOTIL, was presented at the beginning of the twentieth century. The book collected at the event was presented by its direct creators, known Serbian philosophers, who, although on several occasions in Russia, were first in our city.

As we know, the diamond is a precious stone that is uniquely strong. It is not by accident that 60 years of life together in the people have been described as a diamond wedding, because the tests, which hand in hand passes by husband and wife, only stifle their relationship by making them truly strong and inviolable. Such a " expensive " anniversary has recently been marked by the spouses of the mother-in-law, Rome Ivanovna, and Valentine Alexandrovic.