Дизайн двора частного дома - Про ремонт

Private House Design Programme

ld1Landscape design

It is not possible to reconstruct a precise copy of the site without the tools to build the site. Realtime Landscaping Architect allows for slopes, exceedances and modelling of heterogeneous surfaces by deformation.

Creation of roads and ways

Realtime Landscaping Architect is equipped with road and path tools. The required areas of the site can be merged with dispensed surfaces, contour parameters and fencing; vehicle models, fire hydrants, poles and lamps may be additional elements of the roads.

Basin and water modelling

влять аксессуары (например ступеньки, сидения или помосты), выбирать кафельную плитку для облицовки поверхностей.Realtime Landscaping Architect has great potential for basin modelling. They can be given any shape and size in the plan, wall materials, doses

For greater graphicity, the programme suggests that the properties of the water in the basin should be added: rags and waves, as well as vapour. You can even put a spice in the pool.

underwater lights.

In addition to the basins, fountains, waterfalls, sprayers and simulate pen movements can also be created.

Human animation

Интерфейс программыAn unexpected and curious function in the programme is the opportunity to place animated character in the stage. It's enough for the user to choose a human model in the library, to build a trajectory, and the model will go, swim or run according to parameters. Animation is possible in both the plan window and the three-dimensional image.

Black and symbols on the plan

Where component libraries are not sufficient, the user may draw anything on the plan using the drawing tools. With two-dimensional symbols, it is possible to form a beautiful image of plants and other objects. To illustrate the design, annotations, comments and footnotes may need to be made on the characteristics of the project. The programme allows graphic texts with beautiful arrows, which in turn are based on many parameters.

Creating a realistic picture

A beautiful three-dimensional image is modelled in real time, and the user doesn't need to waste time on the stage. It is sufficient to set the parameters of the environment, environment, weather and time of the year, to find an appropriate attitude and picture that can be imported into a vegetation format. This programme can be strongly recommended by specialists and landscape design amateurs. Its study and work brings real pleasure through simplicity and functionality.

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