Фото ландшафтного дизайна придомовых территорий частных домов и

Landscape Design Photo Of Private Homes

Vladivostok continues two months clean. The most important stage was the massive cleaning of streets and home areas by local residents this weekend. Correspondents inspected the work of the town and selected the most transformed city halls after Saturday.

In the courtyard of House No. 32 to 50 years of WLTC, local residents removed all the debris from the coshogor ' s cottage and buried it with the most real seal. The enthusiasm of the tenants was clearly expressed in a stone fence painted in different colours. It looks so bright and aesthetic. With the beginning of the flower, new colours will be added on this site. In the vicinity of House No. 30, the residents made a very bright and, at the same time, a simple clumbing fence.

The residents of home 1/1 on the Polar also raided the clumbum, leaving it with plastic fence. The locals and their children ' s education were taken care of, and the English alphabet painted on the asphalt so that children could learn in parallel during walks. The residents also painted a nearby tournament and bench. Their neighbours, who live in house 1/2, also led to an appropriate form of clumbing.

Looks like the coshogor turned into Zoe Kosmodemyan, 21. In this area alone, the local population paid more attention to the fence. You know, coming into this landing party, you can feel a relationship with nature and rest from the city's fuss.

The Primorsky homeland is not a fantasy flight of local landscape designers, but its contents and clean-up have been reached with responsibility. Since the last Saturday, almost all the trash has disappeared from this territory.

On the homelands of Kashmir, 15 residents raised an unusual fence from stones and tyres. Now, there's no fear of horticulture in this house. The cloams and residents of House No. 125 on Snow were very painted.

At the Vilkov House No. 15B, the local residents are scrupulously monitoring the purity of their court and the environment of its territory. After the local residents ' arrival on Saturdays, the debris was removed and the site in front of the house where the beds are located is cleaned.