Благоустройство двора частного дома в г.Ирпень — Работа №17

Landscape Design Of Private House Backyard

Original architecture for a private pool house

Nowadays, it's hard to surprise the spoiled original designs of the searcher. Unusual apartments, houses, mansions and villas all over the world. Architects have brought to our attention all new forms and options for building, designers are actively promoting creative ideas in the design of facades and interiors of these dwellings. This is the original private bill of lading that we're offering to you in this publication. The unusual architecture of a house with many rounded rooms, tunnels, open terrace, and even a street pool, is turning and attracting attention. Anyone who saw this building from the street will want to know how the unusual building is built inside.

Private housing with an unusual architecture

Exterrier of unusual housekeeping
The large three-stage house has many retaliations, half-circuits, original crossings, open balconies and tree hangers. An unusual building from the street is looking informal and inside is a unique model of modern architecture.

Graduate Apartments

The formation of the façade of the luxury apartments of the peripheral type fits well into the surrounding landscape, the saturated persimulated wall shades, wooden windows and doors, the zinc portion of the roof and hinges, visors and other structural elements, are seen organically among the autumn flora.

Harmony with Nature

Original architectural solutions

The building is located on a low hill, some of it has two floors, the central segment is represented by three levels. The modern architecture of peri-urban apartheid traces both traditional elements and modern styles, and even some futuristic elements, for which it is still difficult to find a definition.