Ландшафтный дизайн двора частного дома

Landscape Design Of Private House Palace

HomesteadgardendesignThe Dachi Landscape Design is aimed at creating an aesthetically attractive and convenient territory that does not require much care. On a good land, landscape design can be simple in execution with a minimum set of garden forms and plants. Their accommodation should be convenient and rational. In the landscape of the long-distance area, in addition to the main garden elements, it is assumed that there is a paladian, a decoration garden and a fruit garden.

If necessary, a farm block, a compost pit, a heater and a guy in a landscape design. Large trees and handicrafts are decimating the landscape by doing a practical function. They flourish and fertilize, some fruit can be on the bush of all winter. The plantings of a long landscape design will look good at such species as apple, iron, wing, cherries and slide. Their practical function is the ability to produce yields of delicious and useful fruit. Wood and artisanal fruits grown in the landscape of the land, clean and useful.

Image source: Flickr

CountrysidelandscapedesignDecoration area Landscape design shall be removed from the carriageway and be located on a well-regulated territory, without significant consolation. The design of the rig must be consistent with the landscape design on the good section. Frequently encountered is geometrically correct shapes (direct coal or round). In a good landscape, they are most applicable and user-friendly.

The cultivation of edible and stern grass is quite popular in the landscape design of a small section♪ Regardless of the size of the area, the design of the divine section can accommodate the garden of stern grass and aromatic plants. Travas can be located in a recreational zone, a patio or a paladian. Landscape design uses buckle grasses such as baselic, mint, butterfly, pearls and selery.

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