Ландшафтный дизайн придомовой территории частного дома, фото

Landscape Design Of Private House Domain

Upgrading of the domicile is an integral part of the construction and is most recent. Imagine a house on a desert, no tracks, no landings, or landscape decisions, like on a right picture, a borehole. That's the kind of building you're gonna ruin. Now imagine the entrance to the house of a paved trotuary stove, surrounded by a Bordür stone, behind the Bordühr, on the left, there are alpine mountains, and on the right, clubs with flowers behind which are a small living fence from a multi-year artisanal who separates the entrance from the entrance. recreational zone With a conversation and a swimming pool, isn't it?

In fact, the improvement of the domicile is a process that is rather long and not less labour-intensive than the construction itself. If you can repair the house and replace the wallpaper you've had for a couple of days, it's much harder to refuse the whole homeland, so you'll be very serious about it.

Upgrading of home areas It's recently been decided to name a landscape design. Landscape design consists of two main areas:

- in the first place, this architecture is an engineering component of improvement, such as hosting conversations, benches, walls, etc.

- Secondly, it's a nerd and a plant, a selection, planting and caring for plants.

Landscape private house design It's an art that takes a lot of time, but results sometimes exceed expectations. It is not possible to do all the work to improve the homeland in one season, which concerns both buildings and plants. As I said earlier, in order to obtain an impressive result, considerable effort must be made, resources spent, time and money. But if you're interested in the result, you're determined, and you're not afraid of the difficulties, go ahead!