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Landshaft Design Of The Private House Backyard Photos

дом1Last year, I went to the bus tour of Croatia and brought a lot of pictures of private houses on the road that I want to share with you. Suddenly, one of them will push you into the idea of building your own house or a trail!
So, today, we will travel through the big and small woods of the beautiful country of Slovenia (to avoid confusion with Slovakia!), the former Yugoslav province. This little country is famous for the incredibly beautiful nature, the Alps and the sea.дом2 Of all the things you could see on the road, there were the most beautiful and richest houses and domiciles (this is after Slovakia and Hungary). Judge yourself:

Most of the house covers a red turtle. Lost and scattered in the mountains, they seem to be the Towers of the Emerald City. It makes you feel like you're in a fairy tale.дом3 But the strangest thing is, there's no gnomes, no fairies, no ordinary people around the house this afternoon. Whether it's all on the job or if they're hiding somewhere.
Towns and woods here seem to be toys after our domestic simplicity. Outside the city, the houses are quite far apart.

It's amazing how many houses are located far from urban communications.дом4 How do locals deal with urgent questions with mail, shops and health care? I guess there's no car here! The cars didn't strike us, but on the street next, the language won't turn to say "cities."

Houses have quite a beauty of the courtyards, although they have no special landscape design:

I don't know how you are, and I have the first question right now - I wonder where the verbals dry? Well, it's kind of weird for my eye without laundry ropes with laundry, without a bunch of sand or building trash, a table with benches, digging decomposition... Maybe they've got all this stuff in the backyard somewhere nicely hidden from outsiders? And in the vicinity, no soul to ask. Or maybe it's for the best, or they'll be offended for such a frank interest in their underwear.

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