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Landshaft Design Of The Private House Courtyard Photos By Swabs

Хвойные растения — украшения любого сада

We're making a dough garden.

To achieve such a fascinating idea, there will be a need for steam plants of different species, shapes, altitudes and even shades. It is the diversity of the denominations that will make it possible to play interesting garden special effects and to fully demonstrate their own fantasy.

If the area is on the slope, it can be turned into a giant alpine mountain. To this end, down the " stretch " , connecting any two objects to a house, a conversation, a recreational space or a cozy bench.

If you want to make her so saint, use a cheek or a little gravia by plucking wooden brushes treated with antiseptic. You like to jump on the steps, you're gonna rip a staircase from a stove of natural rock.Хвойники хороши и сами по себе, и в компании On both sides of this symbolic border, arbitrarily lay down the stones, grouping large shafts and smaller balds.

Important: The foundation will not be needed this time, because the dowry plants are not Alpines and do not need precipitation.

Having prepared the “disposition”, sit between the stones of a variety of hvoirs and place them in such a way that high-grown plants do not obliterate the “mother”. By choosing " candidates " , give preference to compact and slowly growing forms of steak. Miniateur stews should be planted in such a way that, in time, " stoning " , they form beautiful cascades.

Для хвойного сада нужны растения разных видов, форм, высот и даже оттенковFree space left after all the landings carried out, seal the galaxy, gravel or crust.

The decoration stone " Sea Harbour " (KEKILÄ) is the ideal option for soil degradation and mauling. It'll protect the surface from the weeds and the ground itself from the intersection.
CouncilSo that the gardener always looks nice and doesn't deliver any special cotton, it's necessary to have a geotectical bed under the back, it'll help prevent the emergence of weeds. Keep in mind that such a landing will require a lot of plants, but trust me, the result is worth it. We recommend that attention be drawn to the majesty (wheat, Chinese, Kazac and ordinary), eals (coal, blue, horse and bird nest), Tui (Western and charoid), mountain pine, potassium kiparisomic, potato, tis It's a berry.

Important: Don't forget that the spring of " pets " must be protected from bright sunlights.

Садовую дорожку можно сделать насыпной Декоративный камень Морская гавань. Фото: KEKKILÄ Пихта корейская Сильберблок. Фото: "БЭСТ" Античная ваза, небрежно «забытая» среди эффетных колючек, подчеркнет лаконичность композиции

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