Простой ландшафтный дизайн двора частного дома своими руками фото

Simple Design Of The Private House Courtyard Photos

Навесы из поликарбоната фото и цены

Order a curtain?

We're making polycarbonate and glasses.

There are shareholds at the price - car suspensions 3.6 x 6.3 = 63,000 rub!
2 cars in key 5.7 x 6.3 = 128.000 rub!

The necessary welding shall be carried out in the process of production using a protective gas, which ensures the quality of welds.

Painting is also performed under the factory conditions.Козырьки фото The high-temperature drying of the painted layer ensures the high strength and quality of the protective street coating.

The strength of our designs is ensured by correct load calculations (all calculations conform to the current standard).

The production and delivery of commissioned structures is 2 weeks. The design is one or two days old.

Why do people choose polycarbon?

Навес к дому из поликарбонатаLet us deal with what this material is. Polycarbonate is a solid polymer plastic. It is widely used not only in construction, but also for the production of lens, CDs, computer details.


  • 100
  • Monolithic.

The cellular polycarbonate is a few thin plates connected to each other. In the cross-section, the sheet is divided by cells and the air within them provides good thermal insulation of the material.

The monolithic polycarbonate is a complete leaf of a polymer without nothing and a cell. It's a universal construction material that has a great cut-off capability and can replace conventional glass.

Навесы для дома Навесы из поликарбоната фото Навесы во дворе Навесы из поликарбоната фото

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