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Flowers In The Private House Courtyard Photos

In our age, a man surrounds so many artificial and not real. That's why whoever has his own garden or clumba outside the house has real wealth. The place around the house is a clean leaf, which can be like paint, revive the bright pallet of plants and flowers. Then you can easily maintain close contact with nature.

Landscape design is a whole art that makes an unlimited area a cozy garden with its inexorable nature. A lot of people decide to do a landscape design on their own and do it with their hands. And that's a good idea, because in that case the owner of the house will put himself in the yard. This is the only way to create a garden that is fully consistent with the temperament and spirit of the whole house.

Make a literate country house design under the force of even a person without appropriate education and skills. It's important to love plants and have the necessary information.

How to fill the yards with plants?

Brevnia, stones, glynes and other dishes are used to create natural composions. But colours, handicrafts and trees play the most important role. Plants are a major landscape replenishment. In order to make their territory right, we need to figure it out in advance.

Here are a few basic rules, how to complete the landscape design of a long-distance plant:

  • Low plants are located ahead of the high;
  • Vegetables with different colours shall be combined with each other;
  • The seasonality should be taken into account so that the garden is attractive at any time of the year;
  • Don't be afraid of very large plants and plants in small mountains;
  • Inspirate to break all these rules.

What plants to choose for a garden plot?

There are many kinds of tunes today. They fit in pretty and look very carefully. And they're still a green round year, and in the fall they don't fall off leaves that need to be cleaned. Which means it's practical. The only restriction is that you don't have to put them in front of the windows because they're gonna light up. Tui and other soft plants are organically integrated into the general artistic composition, for which they are loved by landscape designers.

The bubble is calinolist. This plant has a dense, intercelled crown and a very photogenic species. It's often used in landscapes. private court design Home. It fits in a combination with other plants and looks beautifully as a separate flower bush near a conversation. It is possible to form safe living fences from this plant. He'll steal the trails and divide the yard into cozy areas.