Дизайн веранды на даче и в частном доме – как оформить интерьер

Open Romander In The Private House

Design is the most important part of landscape work. Small architectural forms, such as garden chatting, which we design and " link " to the landscape, play a special role in building a harmonious landscape. We'll talk about water, garden and forest, barbecue and kitchen interviews.

Go to the bathhouse... Take more time, live longer.

A Russian bath... - Someone will think. What about us? Project Russian baths, which, by the way, have never lost their attractiveness, interest in Finnish saunas, or in the gums' exercise. A Russian bath like a salt cucumber, a favorite and constant attribute of our lives. However, the time has exposed the Russian bath to the tuning.

Garders for the order. Diesine and kit

Today, modular wardrobes are the most widely distributed, they are equipped with hull furniture, classified as wardrobe, convenience and quality. Another common type of wardrobe is modular open storage systems. Most of them can be found in modern interns. Furniture for both types is custom-made.

Latuna fencing from France Grande forge

The ladders from France Grande forge are high-quality lithium, fine style, hand-approval of old-fashioned technology, protective coating of hard-wall. 20 collections of these fences are classified as " premium " : gold, silver, increment, semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals, all of which decorate Grande forge fences.

Pergotend. High-level street comfort

Pergotend is a multifunctional structure that protects against wind, rain and sun. Pergotends are very popular with architects and private and commercial real estate owners. A technical calculation is required for 100 per cent of the operation. We'll talk about it in more detail.

AGOPROFIL S.p.A. Italian doors

Today, we will talk about the Italian brand Agoprofil, the factory for the production of high-quality intercompany doors. Agoprofil doors are designed for people with sophisticated taste. In the range of brands, and this is 19 product lines, including 618 door models, present collections in all stylist directions from barocco to minimalism...

Ytong gas units in the construction of urban real estate

In the commercial real estate market, the type of material used in the construction of inter-storey bulkheads and walls is essential. There are four basic criteria for the selection of such material: rapid recovery and simple dismantling of structures; loading of walls; firefighters. ♪ ♪