Дизайн крытой веранды фото

A Secret Veranda In The Private House

Many years of experience in our work, dozens of projects and high-profile clients give us the right to claim that our qualification is an added value in the fight for the client.

We consider the establishment of projects to be an important and promising area of our work. summer design Rangers. Most retortors over the summer use additional space to increase the number of their clients through a closed or open-type rotary where to rest, to relax by reading magazines and newspapers with a cup of aromatic coffee or tea. This allows a restaurant to become a popular meeting place for the summer and a quick talk.

проект летней верандыMain phases of the project

The design of a closed roman must be in line with the basic concept of the institution and not in the slash of the style chosen. While open-minded verandas can be experimented and tried to allow certain degrees of volition. But you can't override. " The best enemy is a good " , the fairness of this phrase is more relevant than ever. The design of veranda design tends to be divided into major stages.

1. Architectural design plan:

  • Example of space, definition of basic concept, style and direction;
  • Creation of basic options with furniture and equipment plan;
  • Finalization of the option, taking into account the opinion of the customer.