Дизайн веранды в частном доме

Priest Disen In The Private House

The need for terrace or veranda is thought of by all developers. Ideally, in a living house, I want both. But it is important to understand the difference in the assignment of these premises.

Thus, the veranda is a space limited by walls from all sides and entering the area of the house.

The terrace is open from all or several sides of the site often without a roof that is either attached to the house or performed separately.

Plans for houses with veranda or terrace: how can these premises be used

The model architectural project of the veranda house does not provide for heating. This undeniable plus attracts customers to choose and buy veranda suburban houses for sale. It is used:

  • Like another bedroom or a rest room in a warm period. For her comfort, the entrance should be made from the general corridor.
  • Summer dining room or living room. Make it more comfortable with the outside wall of the kitchen.
  • The gym for a year. In this case, the projects of the chondage should provide a simple space with the possibility of ventilation. Sports can be drained and single-stage Private house with a roman and two-level.
  • A buffer zone that is important for the removal of cold air flows through the front doors.
  • Sometimes it's a veranda as a winter stocking.
  • If the design of houses with veranda is located within the first floor, the owners may not only have a winter garden in it, but also have a living area in it at a warm time of the year.

Terrasa, because of open design, is a summer recreation site. It's used as:

  • A place for summer guests and nice lunches on nature. By leaving the living room or the dining room of the first floor, the comfort can be greatly enhanced.
  • Natural salt. Good lighting, protection against winds and strangers make this place near your house better suited for that purpose. If you do it on the second floor of the new house, you can get out of your own bedroom.

Since the terrace is an open design, the winter will snow it. It's important to take into account its seasonal exploitation. For those who have decided to build the terrace, there is an alternative in the form of removable or rolling windows and walls, with the possibility of transforming them.

Plans of Z500 veranda houses

Generally, the projects of houses with veranda (photo, video, diagrams, drawings, sketches can be seen in this section) are less popular than those with terrace.

Prepared projects at a veranda house are a small part of our catalogue updated in 2016. It's mostly terrace, one or more. With the help of the project change-of-value option, we can renovate one of the terraces in your house to a full-fledged yard. Plans with a veranda can also be adjusted. Individually, specialists are willing to create the original design of houses with veranda. The addition of the “Tender proposal” provides a basis for the estimates.