Клумбы во дворе частного дома: фото оригинальных идей

Flowers In The Private House Yard

10743141-3Sq7oAmazing around: the Finnish cuisine is original and delicious, the design of Scandinavians (and Finns) is a traditional strength, and the Finnish nature that they want and heal is out of competition! We're talking about non-trivial recreational activities in the lake...

To sleep in the blog.

Finns are equally fond of perilous savage and khatec, progress and eclipse. Both are happy in the Nukchio National Park.

There's nothing in the car or bus from Helsinki, and there's 50 km2 of deaf, but at the same time a well-trained forest (eating ski, walking, cycling and final routes, as well as children ' s and handicapped rings).clip_image001 The main local inhabitants are extremely reindeer tourists.

It's a museum, the largest wooden building in Finland, our fast-tracked interactive sites: from the Pelivian spirit of the "two swan cliquaries play in the chess of life" to a dark room where you have the opportunity to feel yourself sitting in a nest with a bird staring from a dip into a beautiful world.

If you come to Nuxio for a couple of days, as the capital usually does, it is possible to test the option of sleeping in the bear blog. Or maybe you should stop on a more conservative hotel option. Plus, it's clear that we'll go to a classic Finnish bath with at least a chrestomatic follow-up in the lake. Okay.

clip_image003Go to the village of dreams

The transfer of abandoned industrial facilities to cultural spaces is a global thing. But Phiscars is a special occasion. First, it is not located in megapolis but relatively far from Helsinki; it is driving in the car.

Second, it is naturally a village of masters who live here, work and sell their products. The local irony factory was closed in the 1980s because of technical retardation. The village where the workers lived was quietly extinct until they joined the cooperative in the city: designers, goons, jewellers and other smarts.

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