Тротуарная плитка во дворе частного дома: фото композиций

A Stove In A Private House Yard

Use YouDo's service if you need a stove in a private house. The Yudu website has experienced craftsmen who are ready to move the trotuary stove in a very beautiful and qualitative manner on a successful site. The masters possess all modern means of laying and use only quality materials.

Which is a service.

The internalization of the country ' s home is a process that has not only an aesthetic but also a practical side. In order to make a comfortable movement on the good side of any (especially in the rainy weather) weather, it is necessary to lay the yard with a stove.

The master is offering a cable of different types for delivery. This material is practical and long, and has different costs, which enables any budget.

The trotuary plate is made of different materials, has different shapes and sizes, and a wide range of colours will help to make any thought.

With a sidewalk in the courtyard, it is possible to display any drawing or erroneance to add uniqueness. All the advantages of putting such a stove made it much more popular than concrete and marble coating.

The construction of a pad in a private house courtyard is as follows:

  • Work plan and drawings
  • determination of the value and width of roads and areas
  • Trenches
  • Borg cement cement
  • sand, dry mixture and geotextyl in trenches
  • Flags and tracks
  • completion of work

The brushing in the parking area of the country house adds to the cement bay to increase the surface strength.

The mounting period depends on the type of stove, the laying and the area being processed. The specialist will be named after the design of the work plan.

If you want to put a stove in private house - The cost of the master ' s work depends on:

  • From the type of stove material (specialists are also involved in marble stoves and concrete lining)
  • from complexity
  • value of materials
  • area

Examine the approximate prices of the craftsmen that will install the braces. The exact price will be given by the master after the volume of work and estimates are assessed.

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