с фасадными панелями фото дизайн

A Waterfall In A Private House Yard

Curriculum and area walk: wooden masters

In Petersburg and the environs, there were not so many magnificent buildings, suffocation and grand churches completely built from the tree. They look impressive and self-evident, so you don't want to go past.

In the meantime, a tree was almost the only construction material: by virtue of its subtractiveness, architects and builders were able to develop wooden zone to unprecedented altitudes, which, in general, easily confirms hundreds of pre-date buildings in the most unexpected styles. We're going on a trip from which we'll find out where the vitamins were traded, see Lydval's first creation, find the mysterious hieroglyphics and the drawings of Vanessov.

1. Wooden light
That beacon wasn't supposed to be built. According to the Yoganna-Fridrich Brownstein project, in 1720, the Petrov Canal in Kronstadt was expected to have a huge Arka tower with a beacon. Moreover, near the canal, they've already started to build the foundation for the lighthouse, but they never built it. And in a while, the creative lighthouse was built from the tree. This is now a favourite place for Kronstadt youths who are required to visit wedding carts with accompanying photographs and champagne.
- Petrov Canal, Kronstadt

2. Dacha Vájev
On the way to Sestrorecca, the resort in the shadows of the centuries-old trees was stashed by a great masterpiece of the village, Dach Vageevsky, which the locals call simply Dom-Face.
Dacha is a huge outburst in the traditional Russian nation ' s creativity, whose architecture clearly shows the elements of modern style. An already fabulous house, which, according to various data, built a famous architect Sergei Grigorievich Ginger, has been extensively decorated by steep decorative elements, and some of them even have bright pictures. The latter, according to the assumptions of many Kraveds, could have been painted by the famous Russian painter and master of the historical and folklore painting, Victor Mihailovich Vanessa.

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