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Personal Home Entrance Photo

A skilled distribution of the place will help make a beautiful, even a very small section.

Having seen photographs or a nearby yard professionalizing a landscape design, many people think it's impossible to do it with their hands. Examine the main points and respond responsibly to the case and reach the same result soon.

The gardening area should always be similar and coloured:

  • Consider the design;
  • literate the species of greening and planting;
  • Think about the location and types of garden structures and decorative structures.

Station design option by hand


It's sometimes cold. It's going to be a hell of a time off with a designed landscape design with its hands. The photos of the most common design areas will indicate how to properly combine the elements and place them on the site.

The idea of simple and elegant palace design

For a private owner of a given site, it is not necessary to comply with all the requirements of a certain style, but it is still worth knowing them.

Regular style calls for carefulness and clear geometric lines. Rowly deflected gasolines, living outlying from scrubbed crusts, coloured clums are symmetrically separated from the thematic centre. Fountains and sculptures are used as decorative composites. Every element feels a man's arm.

Using the sculpture will steal your area and make it unique.

That's interesting! The landscape design of Versal Park in France is a good example of regular style.

Paisal style is more natural. It uses the idea of natural natural natural landscape. For this kind of greening, it'll take years of artisanal and colors, ferry trees. The pond or the stream will be added in unity with nature.

One of the varieties of this style is Alpine. Multi-level clums of wild flowers and plants, havoc trees, natural rocks simulate mountains.

Don't be afraid to experiment with styles, use your fantasy.

Village style won't require a special effort. The gliding products, the float fence and the furniture from the losa will be a decor. The non-required colouring bulbs and wooden decorative structures in the form of telecas will supplement the general picture and give a sense of staying in the yard of the old village house.

This style will be appropriate both for dacha and for creating a simple landscape design of a private house. The photos of landscape projects in village style illustrate how attractive it can be.