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Private House Backyard Photos

Today, we'll look at the facade of the house, show some pictures of private houses and analyse the common picture both abroad and domestic silos. The appearance has played a role all the time, and it's not just about buildings. After all, the beginning of a famous saying sounds like, "Trills on the hill..." I mean, to some extent, a facade can be described as an outside face. But speaking of private houses, the role of facade is difficult to overestimate.древесина The photos of the private houses we represent today are chosen not to surprise you, but to demonstrate that the facade of the house is different. You can use one piece, you can combine, there's no limit to fantasy.

What a facade

Vladimir Dal, in his dictionary, the facade calls the face of the building. However, the lexicographer states that this is about any side of the building.сайдинг и кирпич Dmitri Ushakov calls the front side of the building, the one where the front entrance is. Such different views have given rise to some confusion: some refer to facade only as the front of the house, others distinguish between front, rear and side phases. The second approach is likely to be more appropriate if the ethic of speech is to be removed.

Fasad is from French “façade”, which means “person”. It's common to call the guy that's coming to us.сайдинг It turns out that if we look at the opposite parade entrance to the side of the building, we'll see the rear facade, the side sides, the side-by-side facade and, accordingly, the front or the main facade side.

Fasad home in a foreign world

In this subsection we'll introduce photos of private homeswhich are located in Europe and America. We're not going to snitch, they've always been drawn to their design. At least when one-stop houses were built in the USSR, as if under a copy, an individual project, including facade, was abroad. Of course, the standard of living there has always been higher than we have in those times, because it's particularly marked on the demolishment of the houses. However, we have recently become fashionable to invest to the maximum in our home.

терраса, коллоны, сайдинг фасад с террасой фасад с элементами бута

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