Ландшафтный дизайн двора частного дома. Фото современных дворов и

Private House Courtyard 6 Beds

Один из главных заборов в России — Кремлевская стена, ее высота — 19 мIn the Russians, we'll be at the end of the day.



The fence in Russia is more than the fence: in the last quarter of a century citizens have raised more than 2,5 million km of fence, and how many have been built by the State is difficult to imagine.

At the same time, the protection of property is far from the primary function of the domestic fence.


One of the main fences in Russia is the Kremlev wall, its height is 19 m.

Photo: Alexander Petrosian, Commercial

The vocal fence in Russia has happened with the emergence of private property. " When the mass construction of the post-restructuring submarines began, they became immediately surrounded by high fences, the cultural and heterogene of the Vladimir Paperny architecture. These fences often appeared before the brick palace itself.”

Кладбищенские ограды часто не только выше памятников, но и орнаментальнее их. Их скученность удивительно напоминает плотность застройки заборов в жилых дворахIn the USSR, the State had monopoly to set fences and borders. This monopoly was destroyed in the early 1990s. " Since private property has emerged, the idea of omitting has been broken from a central State to small-scale institutions or private property, the Paperny has spoken. The central authority, which creates fences, is disintegrated into smaller authorities, which are building their fences. "

Petr Savnikov continues to be the subject, the director of Traizabor, who, according to her own data, has been accepted by market participants in the top 10 in the Moscow region. “We have started to build and personal houses, which is about the beginning of the 1990s, reminds the Firemen. Then there were criminals, and people tried to protect themselves from uninvited guests. It's been going on since. It's security for someone, a way to hide something. People are afraid to show something.

To hide, for example, according to the horticulture Union of Russia, only 20 per cent of the owners of the ancestral plots gave them ownership.

No one knows exactly how many deliveries in the country: Rosstat, according to the 2006 agricultural census, had 13, 8 million plots of land, and Professor Ivan Starkov, Institute of Economics, is confident that long-distance plots in the Russian Federation are at least 32 to 35 million.

Бетонными заборами, придуманными в СССР, до сих пор ограждают строительные площадки. Особенность такой ограды в том, что снести ее без строительной техники нельзя, а простоять она может десятилетия Высота заборов — иногда вопрос принципиальный. Это не только помогает укрыться от окружающей действительности, но и скрывает жизнь за забором Заборы — это не только ограда, но и первая социальная сеть, на которой можно высказаться о наболевшем, наладить связи или написать манифест С тех пор как жителям Москвы разрешили огораживать придомовую территорию, столичные дворы стали превращаться в гетто. Ходить там неудобно даже самим обитателям домов

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