Дизайн проекты для двора частного дома | Дизайн & Интерьер 2017

Private House Palace Landscape Design Photo Projects

Living nature has always attracted a man despite all his attempts to surround himself with advanced cars and instruments, multi-ethnic housing and office buildings. A modern man is increasingly looking for privacy and harmony in contact with nature. His fantasies are not only related to the beauty of untouched humans of painting corners, but also to the beauty of the landscape made by human hands. To create a project where the ideas of a landscape design artist are close to natural beauty, the task is not easy. Before there is a beautiful garden around the house, flowers bloom, a green carpet, pencils and water technicians will be overwhelmed.

Three main steps towards a beautiful garden

In order for you to have an idea of how a magnificent garden is being produced from an invisible site, we are talking about the key stages of this process.

From the sketch to the flower garden (number of photos: 16)

Phase No. 1. Landscape study

Initially, the architects of the design studio, " Permanent values " , are familiar with the features of the landscape.

At this stage:

  • measuring territory;
  • Towing of the site;
  • Study of soil composition.

What is this necessary for? In designing the site ' s landscape design, our studio specialists take into account all the points that will have to work with. The design and separation of the site ' s design into zones begins with the establishment of boundaries and the determination of the size of the free space. The distribution of places for the accommodation of flowers, artificial water bodies and large-scale species occurs after information on the nature of the soil is obtained. In addition, the particularity of the terrain and the natural state of the site, the presence of vegetation, hills, cameristic entities, etc., are important.

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