Как выбрать модный дизайн домов/коттеджей с фото проектов

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Озеленение двора частного домаWork scheme with our company

1. You're ordering and our manager's contacting for ten minutes.

2. Meet you on the cult, then conclude the contract and approve the estimates. 1-2 days.

3. The project division is beginning to develop a conceptual solution. 7 days.

4. Approval and signature of the master plan. Ten days.

5. Working documentation is being developed. 20 days.

6. Our upgrading specialists are starting to work in the field. 1 ms.

7. Qualitative performance (the time depends on the farm).

8. Delivery of the object to the customer and full settlement.

Costs and estimates are generated individually, leave an application for free consultation and we answer all questions:

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Some of the measures to degrade the palaces are complex, with special rare plants being used, so the cost of such measures to cover their own site cannot be low.

On the other hand, it is possible to have minimal investment in the courtyard so that it would be nice to rest, even if it is in the middle of a multi-stage, in the middle of the city, it could still be an oasis. Of course, green. Private There may be a very different location and yards.

The yard of multi-storeys is generally designed to create a brighter contrast with the environment. There's no such task to set up a courtyard on a landing site, it's important to create a clearly visible designer idea, a picture.

Therefore, many solutions that are not only utilitarian but have special visual advantages can be used here. By selecting a company that will carry out the full range of landscape design work, or only the greening of the yards, we recommend that we draw attention to our services.

Our experts have great experience, so the greening of the yard will exceed your expectations. We know how to make not only a beautiful court, but also how to give it the beauty that will be durable, we provide information support and services, so it will not be difficult to follow.