Дизайн веранды загородного дома | Красивый интерьер на фото

Private House Veranda

Introduce you a project on the 1st floor of a two-story house in Chelabinsk. The projected area is 109 square metres, along with the veranda. We have a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom, a bathroom and a veranda.

Hotel and kitchen is in the process of being developed. They'll be on the website later.

The bedroom was made of soft and comfortable, chocolate-criminal gamma with cold contrasts and peach boxes dynamic in the traditional flower combination.

The bathroom is attracted by an unusual separation of walls, a large-formed stove with texture of rich shades reminds me of an abnormal staircase (receipt of paint with thin semi-transparent layers).

The soft zone on the veranda of the house is for nice summers. Two unusual manual wheels in the form of wheels from telega serve not only lighting devices but also the elements of decor. The Spanish stove on the floor is impressive by a bright color. A round of decorative pillows and cell furniture, light curtains and wooden closures on the ceiling, all of which give the inexorable coitus and heat to the interior of the veranda.