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Private House Open Roman's Video

интерьер террасыYou know how the architect feels about the spring approach? Not thanks to the warm sun, the singing of birds and bouquets of sunshine, but urgent projects of summer recreational zones and terrace. Yeah, yeah. It is with the approach of the spring that the design of the terrace is more relevant than ever, and we are not opposed to the current trend of giving great attention to them, the time of usual suspensions with two chairs and a table has passed.

photo: William Rogers

So let's look at the main varieties of veranda and terrace, the right things to set them up.

The beautiful terrace in the private house is usually the continuation of its architecture, which is right. It can be open or closed. Today, no matter what, any terrace is built on the principle of the interior of the house.

пристроенная к дому террасаHome-based terrace

The open type of terrace attached to the house usually includes a recreational area, a depleted area, a gambling area and a barbecue area. It's a 100 per cent summer vacation terrace that you can do with your hands.

photo Room 4 Refinement

The lubricant for the robber is as convenient and functional as any of its coatings, the rain will in any case fall, which must not destroy the entire design.

Red terrace.

Red terrace looks great at the house, regardless of his stylists, and it's just important to make it as organic as possible in a common concept. For installation private house returns Stone, metal and wood are often used.

крытая террасаDisein the terrace must be as simple as possible and of a quality. Still, the use of rotan furniture, the tree. Don't forget the soft couches, modern lipsticks created specifically for the street, make miracles. It's convenient, and it won't interfere with design.

photo: Encoreco design

Blazed terrace

Now, the terrace that has been set up will allow you to create a full-fledged interior that serves as a summer recreational zone, a veranda or a winter garden. The clearest and most important advantage is that it can be fully exploited at any time of the year, while open terrace is purely seasonal.

застекленная терраса терраса у бассейна