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Private House Garden Photos Of Modern Yards

gardening: Kaleidoscope of budget ideas

Many of our compatriots have a picture of the endless tomatoes and cucumbers, an old battery for an inventory and a conversation from previous landowners. Meanwhile, modern resources and magazines make us look like a picture of landscape design projects, where every centimetre of the cottage or garden is thought to be small. The Russian landowner (even the tinyest part of the land) also wants to see his territory as beautiful, secular, green and able to rest in the shadows in the fresh air. But in doing so, we're not ready to take off the green team, we're not ready to rip the sang vegetables right to the family lunch. Is it possible to combine the practical benefit of vegetables, fruit trees and greens with beauty? landscape design? Of course, even on a tiny part of the land that was sheltered between the fences of private homes in narrow urban areas, it is possible to create a green oasis for fresh air rest. Efforts will have to be made, but the task will be complete. We hope that a compelling set of projects established under a wide range of territorial conditions will help you inspire the subways of your own garden or landing.

A garden in front of the house.

Roscoe flowers

Prepare a detailed plan
Regardless of whether you have a tiny piece of land near your town's home or are a happy owner of a huge plot around the city, the first time you need to start creating a garden of your dream is a detailed plan. Of course, the original plan is not a dogma scattered on the stone, it can be altered in petty things, but the main points should be clearly spelled out. Without a specific plan of what you want to see on your precinct, you can waste time, money and effort. It is important for someone to be able to look at the flowing cloams and sit in the shadows of the fruit trees, and others are more interested in vegetables and the ability to fry meat on fire in their own yard or any other homeland.

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