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Privacy Of The Private House

Elena Parhomenko explained how to make the homeland comfortable.

A priority project will be launched in every locality of Primoria to develop a comfortable urban environment for 2017, as well as for 2018-2022. Throughout the region, there is a need for comprehensive improvements to both the palace and home and public areas. The region ' s " Environment " , as well as its impact on the lives of the Comorians, IA " Deita " also described the Director of the Housing and Fuel Department, Elena Parhomenco.

Read the rats, too, repairs to Vladivostok on the premont program. What does it matter to the Primorian province?

The climate environment is a new global project covering the whole country, every locality. In the six-year period, order the improvement of all settlements, large cities and small settlements. Complete the formation of public spaces, squares, parks, yards, sports and children ' s areas. The project ' s conditional appeal is " Ghodes are changing " . The challenge is to approach the comfortable living environment so that all of us, regardless of social status, have accessible, attractive, developed infrastructure.

Do I understand correctly that by 2022 the planned plans and targets should be implemented?

Yes, all targets, i.e., all yards, squares, parks and others in the municipalities must be well established by that date.

But full implementation of these tasks will begin only in 2018. What's planned for the current?

The current year is the beginning of the preparatory phase, towards the full implementation of the " Environment for Europe " , to which we will move in September. A subprogramme on " Modern urban environment " , which will benefit parks and palaces, is now being adopted. The projected funding for 2017 will be 494.8 million roubles.