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Disein Of The Village Courtyard Of The Private House

Приусадебный участок: планировка сада и огорода в компьютерной программеIf you wish, even in a small area, it is possible to place the garden and build and leave a place for a beautiful conversation or recreational space, the main point is to approach this issue in a literate and thoughtful manner. Realizing the intended will help a landscape design like a planning.

Sada and gardening: preparatory phase

In order for all plants in the garden and the garden to feel comfortable, they need to find the most suitable places for their soil and lighting preferences. After that, a detailed analysis of the site would be necessary to rationalize the landscape design facilities, both ready-to-built and current landings, and planned.

Precinct: garden and garden planning in the computer program
  • Your imagination must have painted a picture of the future of the fruit garden, the miksborder or the lawn. Based on your internal feelings, make a black drawing without losing sight of any detail.
  • Measure the area planned for fruit and weather crops. Consider that at least four square metres of space is needed for each tree with sprayed crowns.
  • Choose for a fruit garden predominantly equal or slightly equivalent locality.
  • For the garden, take a place on the south side, if there is no such possibility, choose another but solar and tender.
  • Analyse the soils, for trees, select the area with fertile soils of permissible acidity (blown, soup). Also draw attention to the proximity of groundwater, as this may have a bad impact on the roots of plants.
  • Make a list of the cultures you want to see in the yard. homestudy the characteristics of their activities to see if they'll survive there.
  • Plan the number of squads, see if you can handle the landings yourself, or you'll have to call someone for help.

Creation of a planning model

Schematic site planning

The design of the scheme is a very important moment, which is why it will not have to reassess the distances between the objects and take into account all the nuances of the area distributed.

Sada and gardening in a small area
Схематическое планирование участка Планировка сада и огорода на небольшом участке Приусадебный участок: планировка сада и огорода фото Приусадебный участок: планировка сада и огорода