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Disein Is An Enchanted Veranda In The Private House

The warm and cozy veranda in the country house is a beautiful place for summer nights, as well as for a private rest in the lying freezes. A professionally designed veranda is an excellent complement to the general architectural project of a residential garden.

Construction and comfort of romands in a private house. How much is it worth to build a veranda home?

The construction of a stunned or open romany is best designed at the start-up phase of a private lodging house. However, it may be possible to order a romanate and an old country house.

All nuances need to be professionally calculated in order to make low-cost work to mount a veranda to a private old house:

  • Location

Often, mounting work and the warming of a closed or glacied veranda are done in front of the main facade, but in some projects it may be possible to build a veranda of low value in front of the facade. The main thing is that this space should have access to at least one room at the house.

Cost of construction of roman Private Depends on its size, as well as on the materials used, and on the complexity of dismantling the existing wing and the visor above the entrance.

The value of the work on the construction of the order is to establish the foundation. For a wooden or carcasian veranda, the foundation of a tetanus will be great, for which it is necessary to dig a hole of a little more than a metre. In order to build a brick veranda, it is necessary to order services to build a tape or monolithic foundation. The price of " key " manure is higher than the cost of a warm robe of light materials such as wood.

The price of the price of " key " manoeuvre is the cost of the materials used. It could be a glued brace, cylindrovanized bruv, or a qualitatively profiled brace. Village carcas, in the construction of a " key " household, starts to be built from the lower, preferably double tying, connecting the brushes with a straight lock. At the level of the second wrestling, vertical bars and legs are further cut. The whole structure shall be secured by nails or fastened racks. The upper ligament and the stroil roofing system shall be installed at the bars which can be used by wood spears or two interconnected boards. In mounting the " key " veranda, it is necessary to monitor the tides of the bed and the house itself.

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